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Oscar and the Lady in Pink. Letters to God.

Dear God… see, here’s the thing…. Oscar is a kid we call “Baldy,” and he has cancer. He’s got twelve days to live. The lady in pink will turn these twelve days into 120 years. Oscar his friends will be played by deaf-mute actors? In a musical? Yes! But you will hear them! We won’t say how – that will remain a secret for a while longer. And though it may be for only two hours, we will unite the worlds of the deaf and the hearing in music. Oscar will live a life full to the brim. And then… Respected spectator, please do not be late – from the first second of the musical begins the story of Oscar’s final days… and the first day of your new life. When you leave – don’t say a word to your friends and family. Don’t tell them about what you’ve seen and heard – let them see with their own eyes. It doesn’t matter who you come as; what matters is who you will leave as. And you will leave clean. New. As though you have just been born. And you will want so fiercely to be alive… with every fiber of your being. Dear God, the musical Oscar and the Lady in Pink cannot exist even one day without You. Please, make room in Your schedule for us and be present! The most important thing is for You to be there, and inspire love in every heart. Thank You.


Oscar is just a boy, but he is already bald; he is suffering from cancer. Dr. Dusseldorf operates on him a few days before Christmas. Oscar, unconscious, does not see Peggy, a new patient with blue skin, arrive. Peggy is scared and lonely, but with a glance at the sleeping Oscar, her fears scatter: to her, the ailing boy is as handsome as a prince! Meanwhile, Mademoiselle Rose, seeking to make some extra money, is selling Christmas lights that she and her mother have made. In search of customers, she eventually enters hospital, where she encounters Oscar. Rose is brusque and sharp-tongued; she amuses the boy. But he soon hears the conversation of his parents with Dr. Dusseldorf; the operation was unsuccessful, and Oscar doesn’t have long to live. His parents are so grief-stricken that they can’t bring themselves to see him. Oscar, reeling from the bad news, hides in the storeroom. Everyone goes in search of him: doctors, Daniel the nurse, and the child patients – Popcorn, China Girl, Bacon, Einstein and Peggy Blue. The children have given each other funny nicknames; irrespective of their somber circumstances, they remain pranksters, and the search for Oscar turns into a fun little game. But Oscar cannot bring himself to laugh. When he is found, he refuses to speak with anyone… except Rose.
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